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 Akita Dogs - Longcoat Akitas

Longcoated Akita

Long coated Akita puppies occur in litters out of standard coated parents on a regular basis.

The longcoat Akita's temperament makes them an ideal family pet. Longcoats cannot be shown at champion or breed level.

They tend to be bigger boned and generally larger than the short coat Akita.

They usually are less dominant and more laid back than the short coat.

A little extra care is needed to keep their coats in good condition but this can be used as your time with the dog and full of fun.

Longcoated AkitaThe long coated Akita usually carries approximately 3 to 4 inches more coat than the standard coated Akita, however the long coats do not shed more than the standard coated Akita but do require a bit more brushing and overall coat care.




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